This beautiful mermaid hurt herself seriously when she has a performance under the sea. Now she has been sent to the hospital and you need to cure her and play the role of doctor carefully. Firstly, come to wipe off those dirty things on her whole body. Then you need to help her get rid of the octopus on her head. Next step, you need to use the knife to cut those water plants twining her. Moreover, come to use the medical equipment to check her heart beats and rates, body temperature and blood pressure. After all of these checking, you can let mermaid take some oxygen and then use the cotton swab to cure her wounded parts one by one and paste band-aids on the scars. Next, come to cure her fracture parts on her tail and modify her broken mermaid outfits. At the same time, come to use ice to give cold compress therapy for her arm and inject for her. Last step is to use bandage to cover her body and give her one pearl medicine. At last you can come to dress up mermaid with beautiful outfits and accessories.
1. Wipe off those dirty things on the body of mermaid
2. Get rid of the octopus on her head
3. Cut those twining water plants for mermaid
4. Check her heart beats, body temperature and blood pressure
5. Let mermaid take some oxygen
6. Use cotton swab to cure her wounds
7. Paste band-aids on her scars
8. Check her fracture parts on her tail
9. Modify her broken fish scale outfits
10. Use ice to give her arm cold therapy and inject for her
11. Use bandage to cover her whole body
12. Give her one pearl medicine
13. Dress up her beautifully