Math Puzzle Plus is a fun and addictive 4096 puzzle game. The objective of the game is to get the number 4096 using additions of the number two and its multiples. You will learn about the powers of 2 by playing this game.

Instructions :

Swipe to move the tiles, when two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one. When a 2048 tile is created, the player wins! 8 .. 16 ... 1024 .. 2048. 4096

You will have a grid of 16 tiles. Two numbers will be given: usually two number twos, maybe number four.

Move up or down, left or right trying to join two equal numbers.

When two equal numbers are in touch, they will add up.

The game is won when a tile with a value of 4096 appears on the board, hence the name of the game. After reaching the target score, players can continue beyond 4096. When the player has no legal moves (there are no empty spaces and no adjacent tiles with the same value), the game ends.

By adding numbers, we get higher numbers and we can approach to 4096, which is the goal of the game.

If there are three of the same number, only two blocks will combine. If there are more than one set of identical blocks that line up, they will each combine. For example, if there are two 2's together and two 8's together, they will each combine. The 2's into a 4 and the 8's into a 16.

Keep matching up blocks as long as you can. Try to keep the entire grid of boxes from filling up. Once the boxes are filled up the game is over.

High Score:

A scoreboard on the upper-right keeps track of the user's score. The user's score starts at zero, and is incremented whenever two tiles combine, by the value of the new tile. The user's best score is shown alongside the current score.

The game will keep track of your high score, so you can keep trying to beat it. Anytime you combine numbers they will be added to your total score. For example, if you combine two 16's, then 32 will be added to your score.

Good luck and enjoy the game.

[NB. Addictive game 2048, which was originally developed by Gabriele Cirulli. Math Puzzle Plus ie 4096 puzzle game is based on 2048.]