Love the balls is an arcade game inspired by the famous game love the balls, the rule is simple to succeed this game, just try not to die and avoid any bullet in your way and control the ball of love with your finger, and curb any attempt can lead to the explosion of love ball.
Your mission is to make big score by destroying the enemies to play more difficult levels by lover in balls.
With Love the Balls Game you will develop your spirit and run and escape enemies and avoid hitting balls or stars and colliding with them to not explode the balls of love.
Characteristics :
Moreover, this new game love the balls presents a set of new features that will allow users to have fun playing lover in balls.
These features make the game love the balls easier to control and play, give a very wide variety of obstacles and love ball and more awesome stuff you will discover.
- This game is free for all users, and you can play anywhere anytime.
- This game is suitable for all age categories
- You do not know how long the outline is until you draw
- Cute pictures hide in shape, discover them!
Form the lines, calculate the length and width of the shape!

You can addicted to the game and you like it crazy so get ready for it.