Locksmith World is a bizzare puzzle game. It has 2 types of levels for each world, Minor and Final, and the ultimate aim to to reach the final level, having unlocked all the previous ones. In minor levels you gain a hint for both the next minor level and for the final level. It is not nessessary to unlock levels in a certain level order. You can also unlock them without the help of the hints if you can but it is almost impossible to unlock Final level without the hints. Final Level includes codes and you have only one shot each time. If you fail you must exit and try again. Save is not supported yet but the codes from each level are easy to remember. Besides if you want to beat the LockSmith-Robot you must be ready for extreme challenges. Only one world is available in this version, but the game will be enriched.
You can use almost any technique to solve the puzzles. For example on first level you can rotate the main dial using the rotate gesture. Additionally, in other puzzles you might have to adjust the phones settings to unlock a level. Try to hit anything that looks like a button or to push the levers. With some practice you will find out how each level unlocks.
Do you think you can unlock my world?

I am good, i'll give you a hint. If you need time just think..eleven thirty three...

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