Hi, this morning a beautiful little girl was playing on a lake shore. She throws stones in the water, she is playing in the grass and is trying to catch butterflies. She was so happy and pleased with what surrounds her, is wonderful our nature. While our daughter was playing a mosquito stung her and because of this she fell into the water and now she is very dirty. Because the water was dirty now Stefy has many spots on the body and needs proper treatment. You can help us? If you want to help us then this game for girls is perfect for you. Through this spa salon game you will be able to go with our Stefy in your virtual spa salon, you have to be able to apply the different treatments that will help her feels better and in the end to be very beautiful.
Because we want for our daughter to be happy you have to pay attention.

1) At the beginning of the game you will meet Stefy, she is in the park and wants to give the swing, play with the ball and listening to music. After falling in the water she will come to your salon;
2) The little girl needs you, we must clean the face with an exfoliating gel, to apply the various creams for the face and finally a lotion that will regenerate skin. Apply ointment for wounds, burns and moisturizer ointment for bites;
3) Help Stefy to make a bathe, you'll have to fill the tub with water, wash her hair with a special shampoo and a towel wipe. To dry the hair you should use the hair dryer;
4) Apply a face mask and then remove the acne;
5) Now you need to makeup her, you need to apply: Blush, lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, contact lenses, a tattoo and a new hairstyle;
6) In her wardrobe you'll find many clothes, be careful what outfit you choose and do not forget the accessories are very important.

Thank you for choosing this game and invite you to choose other girls games and games for girls.

Thank you for your help, our daughter is very beautiful. You can always return to help on Stefy through this girls game.