Lines of Action

Lines of Action is a two-player strategy board game.

Lines of Action's Goal:
The object of the game is to bring all of one's checkers together into a contiguous body so that they are connected vertically, horizontally or diagonally (8-connexity).

Lines of Action's Movement summary:
-Players alternate moves, with red having the first move.
-Checkers move horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
-A checker moves exactly as many spaces as there are checkers (both friendly and enemy) on the line in which it is moving.
-A checker may jump over friendly checkers, but not over an enemy checker.

This Lines of Action's Features:
-You may play against a friend on the same device or you can simply play against and artificial opponent with 3 levels of difficulties
-The available difficulties are:
1) Easy (The fastest and the dumbest)
2) Normal (Good for beginners)
3) Hard (The slowest and the smartest)
-Shows the possible moves for the selected checker