Lina is preparing intensively for the competition that will follow in the coming weeks and really want to win this contest jumped in length. Lina goes every day to do exercises and prepare but today was injured during a workout and it looks like he broke his leg. We must try to do better because Lina has to participate in this contest. You're the only doctor surgeon that Lina is available so we will ask you to help on our little friend. Must he received a dose of liquid anesthetic that Lina will not feel anything during surgery. You need to locate a rupture and circled with a pencil to be easier. You need to cut him skin to catch them bone and is mounted with some surgical screws to fasten the instep. After bone fixation have to sew some bandages and put them to not see the cut. Ii must Masami foot and easy operation completes. We invite you to choose and other games for girls in this category to be able to groom another person.

Instructions: Use your fingers to play