As a formerly teacher I was looking for ways to use the smart phone for learning.
As we all Know (see Nash, J.F. (1951). Non-Cooperative Games, and others from our time)
Using games as a learning tool incease the efficiency of the learning process.

More over, "MOM, DAD, PHONE ! NOW!" - Won't go away! and when you do decide to give them any thing they are old enough to have their own phone.

In this Game you will be able to say less "NO", and use this game to help your kids to learn the graphical representation of letters and numbers, by picking a letter for each player from your phone's keyboard, we don't use words almost at all, one message is the share massage that will be translated to the most common langueges in the upcomming releases

The game has no competition init and allow you to reflect on the game with your child.

I would love to know if the game stood up to you'r expectations -> Please write a review to help us improve.