Hello, we are happy that you decided to visit us, we really need you today because soon we must get to our friend. This is home alone and she must do many things. Do you want to help us through this laundry games for girls? Do you want to be our friend? If you want to prove to everyone that you are a good friend you can do this through this girls game. To be able to do everything exactly how we want you have to be very attentive to every detail of this laundry clothes game.
With this game you will be able to prove to everyone that you are a responsible child.
Follow all instructions of the cleaning game for girls.
Good luck!

- You will need to sort laundry;
- At first you should wash whites;
- Add special detergent for whites;
- Start the washing machine;
- Wait a few minutes;
- Now you can wash colored laundry;
- The laundry is clean and you have to stretch the wire to dry;
- Wait a few minutes;
- Once dried you laundry need to be ironing;
- You must place the clothes in the closet;
- You did a great job;
- You are a hard-working kid.

Thank you for helping, please come back daily to help us through this washing games.

Have fun!