ladybug Skate Away miraculous is an easy running adventure game with lady bug Skate Away!
In this ladybug game the lady-bug needs your running help so he could save cat noir finally.

So many threats are waiting for the hero ninja girl ladybug! You will have the most miraculous and exciting moments when playing this game.

Start jumping and to skip the hard obstacoles and collecting ladybugs along the way. But don't forget there are a lot of dangers and challenges are waiting for you. Traps, monsters and surprising situations in many levels are waiting for you to make you lose and fail to save the black cat.

Features Of This Lady Bug Skate Away :

Colorful HD graphics!
Added new levels!
TOUCH one touch to jump!
New black cat noir game is coming!
JUMP over bridges and montains!

Download now and join your friends in the fun! Play NOW!