Hi, where are cooked the tastiest dishes? In the kitchen, of course. The kitchen is the place where there are many activities that make us happy. Do you like to cook breakfast with your family? We are sure that you love to cook with your family as we like very much to do this. Every morning we cook breakfast and then everyone hurry to school or office. This is what happened today, we cooked and we enjoyed this but after we ate we had to rush to leave. We have not had time to clean up and therefore please help us. Do you want to help us clean up the kitchen through this cleaning game for children?
We are sure that you will accept help us because you're a good kid and that is why you should know that this kids game is very nicely done and very easy to play. You'll feel like in a real kitchen, you definitely you will feel good.
To be able to finish this mission, please make sure you will follow all instructions of this game for kids.
Good luck!

1) At first you have to get in the kitchen, you'll notice that it's a lot of work;
2) You need to decide what to do;
3) Close water because we do not want a flood;
4) After you the stop water, you will observe that the pipes are not good you will have to check that something is broken;
5) After you have found the problem please fix it;
6) To repair we will provide you everything that you need;
7) Remove cockroaches;
8) Collect garbage;
9) Wash all dishes;
10) Wash the floor;
11) Remove dust;
12) Place the furniture;
13) Clean the walls;
14) The kitchen looks great.

Thank you for your help, you are a good friend and you can return anytime you want to help us through this game for girls.

Have fun!