Fun at its best!!! Learn the difficult and cumbersome concept of division in Math through this exciting free Math game app for kids and children.

Children are always afraid of Math and above it with division. This free game will help them in practicing division in a fun way. This free app will help them in memorizing the tables and applying it in division.

“Shoot the number” is a fun filled free Math educational game for all age groups and grades.
Enjoy the game and learn the “Divisiblity Rules” of 2, 3, 7 and 12 by shooting the targets heading your way in random. Beware that if you shoot the wrong number you lose points. Every successful shot gives you 10 points and every win takes you to the next level.
Uniqueness of the game is the choice of guns and backdrops to appeal to your eyes.
Get completely engrossed in the game as it makes you move your device, touch and click to shoot the target.
No time to think and no second chances. So play and enjoy!!!