We know that kids want to have fun and parents want kids to learn. So, we built this education-in-disguise app to help children master the name and appearance of objects and animals.

We built in different difficulty modes so younger players could have a greater challenge as they improve. Also, we thought maybe older siblings might want to enjoy a bit more challenge when playing with a little brother or sister.

We went a bit further and decided to fully implement spoken instructions since most of our younger players don't quite know how to read - so each instruction is spoken aloud - allowing even the youngest player a shot at "doing it all by myself!" - at least our kids like the independence this feature brings.

Kids ABC Letters Match help preschoolers to learn the appearance and pronunciation of every object and animal shown by the game. Kids ABC Letters Match teaches both the name and the sound of each object or animal.

Phonics is the most important step to teach children reading. It is the basic reading instruction that teaches children the relationship between letters and sounds. Kids ABC Letters Match teaches children to use letter relationships to objects and animals speak and write word.

Among the words written and spoken sounds through phonics helps children recognize words accurately and provided "decode" new words.