The construction of a Kakuro field is similar to a crossword puzzle. Instead of letters there are digits and instead of word definitions sums are entered.\n
The following rules apply:
Each sum may only consist of the digits 1 to 9.
In each sum each digit can appear only once.
In each vacancy only one number can be entered.
As a solution to help more digits can be entered, that qualify the candidates for the solution in question.
Touch an empty field to activate it. Select candidates with the bottom number box and write them in the field with the "save" button. This can be done as often as desired.
Pressing the button "Check" all the single digits will be checked. From the solution differing numbers are marked accordingly and must be corrected. Also this button can be operated any number of times.
There are 3 levels of difficulty. In the stage "easy" every fourth field is already solved and in the level "moderate" every sixth.
An unfinished game can be saved and played when you restart the app further.