Do you love adventure games with awesome run and obstacles? If yes, jungle world adventure will be your super game at your fingertips. It's a classic game play but integrated with awesome enemies that exciting to play but challenging to master! The jungle game has many worlds, bosses surprise, and excellent run dynamics…download it right now and start playing as much as you love!

How to play the game!

Download run adventure now and start playing, it's run and smash action to fight with 8 bosses in 4 worlds.
You must start "jungle adventure" with world 1 and after you complete it, you can unlock the world 2 and so on.It's a multi world and free game. In advanced adventure boy rescuing the kidnapped Princess from the primary antagonist.

App’s Features:
Before you start playing game check it's interesting features. It will help you to enjoy!

* User friendly interface.
* 80 free levels with 4 worlds and 8 bosses to fight and more coming soon.
* Over 50 enemies and power up obstacles.
* Great graphics and music.

Download it and start playing. it's awesome and will keep you entertained for long