We learn to walk, talk, read, sing, dance, and everything else no matter how talented we are.

But what about our intuition - is it a gift from the sky or can we learn to use it through simple steps as we did with all our abilities?

Every part of our body including our brain reacts positively to practice and learning. If we are talking about decision making there is no other part of our existence that is more important than our intuition. Sooner or later every person has to make the decision out of nothing so maybe guessing colors can be important to find out the inner feeling and build the feeling up.

This game can help you to discover your own feeling and unique perception which you can sense as the answer to the right or wrong answer.

Learning your feelings before and after every decision in the game, you are in a position to receive your inner perception and learn the way how to bring it to your conscious level whenever you need it.