Cleaning the house in your way The rooms, the hall, the kitchen, the bathrooms, and the whole house cleaning game. The whole house cleaning and maintenance is one of the important things that every family wants to achieve. Home cleaning is essential for living properly and healthy, but cleaning the house can be a big drag To some families, because they do not know the correct ways to keep the house clean, or because of the presence of children playing and cause trouble and dirt at home, so we will provide in this article a way to clean the house easily and simple.
Games clean the house, rooms, kitchen and bathroom from dirt only. Enjoy cleaning the kitchen, bathroom and home from the dirt and put everything in its proper place on the site of new girls games. The game of cleaning the house of a sweet game of princess decor games you'll help the princess in cleaning the kitchen and the rest of the rooms of the house and put the dirt in place and clean the water with a broom and arrange the table and clothes
Cleaning the house Cleaning is usually top to bottom, ie dust from the top of the curtains to the underside, kitchen cabinets cleaning the top floor and bottom and so on, and from the right to the left, which must be cleaned and clean the room from the right to the left , This method of cleaning helps to clean the house completely and accurately. Cleaning the bathroom glass on a daily basis, because it is exposed daily to form water vapor on it. The bathroom washbasin must be cleaned from soap and putty residues daily, preferably a sponge to clean the bathroom. Care must be taken to clean the walls and bathtub after each shower. , Make the bathroom look cleaner and shiny, maintain the color of the bathtub brightly shiny and protect it from fainting or obstruction, and facilitate the process of cleaning the bathroom weekly and monthly. Keep the toilet clean by cleaning it with a special mattress twice a day at least one in the morning and two in the evening. The toilet can also be cleaned from the hard spots by pouring the cola inside. Care should be taken to place the lavender next to each toilet. Bathroom waste, changing the bag daily to avoid the smell of foul odor. It is recommended to clean the granite with soap and soap, and then clean and dry it with kitchen towels or clean the gas. It should be noted that it is possible to clean and polish the metal utensils used in cooking, by placing a tablespoon of lemon salt and a quantity of water and boiling on the gas, this method helps to get a pot for Bright and clean. Be sure to dust the household antiques and shapes on a daily basis, and clean them with a wet towel every week or two. Cleaning the windows periodically and even if the weather is cloudy, cleaning dust from clean glass is much easier than cleaning it from dirty glass. Cleaning the main house door is extremely important, because it gives a picture of how clean the house is, and be careful to rinse the house and wipe it with disinfectants on a daily basis.