Explore the book of Psalms like never before, as brought to life by our talented artists! Each beautiful scene is inspired by a corresponding Psalm from The Holy Bible.

In our free Hidden Object Psalms game, you can take a moment out of your hectic day to find bliss and serenity, and focus on the things that matter most to you. Read Holy scripture on every level that resonates with your religious and personal beliefs. The biblical Psalms on each new level in this free Hidden Object game are accompanied by the artwork of beautiful angels connected with peaceful nature. As you play this beautiful game that celebrates divine biblical scripture, you will be able to imagine the Chorale singing as you grow a stronger relationship with your spirituality.

Free Play
Choose exactly how you want to search for items. Find items by their Picture, Silhouette, Word, or Random combination. Play Casual rounds with no time pressure, or more challenging timed modes.

Campaign Mode
Challenge yourself to complete the map of 200 beautiful levels with increasing difficulty. Hunt for hidden objects in a variety of ways, play timed levels, and fun bonus rounds.

HD Images with Zoom
Images are in beautiful HD with some objects courtesy of scrapbookgraphics.com and Lorie Davison. Zoom and pan the images, tap on the search objects to enlarge them.

Coins and Daily Reward
Use coins earned while completing levels to unlock more content. Try your luck in the Daily Reward for bonus coins!

Mini Games
Have fun and earn extra coins by playing the Match 3 and Memory Mini Games.

3D Art Gallery
Images are brought to life with subtle 3D effects as you tilt your device!

And much more!
Hints available for when you get stuck, 3-star ratings and highscores, change your avatar, plus lots more!

"As for God His way is perfect" Psalms 18:30

"When I consider your heavens, the work of the fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is mankind that you are mindful of them, human beings that you care for them?" Psalms 8:3-4

"You have turned my Mourning into joyful dancing" Psalm 30:11

"The LORD is my shepherd. He leads me in paths of righteousness. I will fear no evil. I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever." Psalm 23

"Praise the LORD! For great is his love towards us." Psalm 117

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