Hidden House Objects is a mystery-puzzle game, in which you have to find out hidden objects. Easy and simple game to play, yet so challenging that requires eye-mind concentration.
Hidden House Object is a puzzle game with multiple house rooms and two modes within each room. Hints and constraints both are here. Much more mystery lies in game with:
1. Target is to find out the hidden objects which are instructed as per room and mode.
2. Easy game plays method-just click the onscreen object.
3. Five different rooms with real time feel as :

Living Room- Find out the beautiful decorative living room items.
Bed Room - Challenge for cot and bed ambience.
Kitchen Room- Not to quench your thirst but to check your eyes’ concentration.
Kids Room- Cute toys, books and a lot of kids stuff is waiting for you.
Backyard – Although scattered and chaotic but full of fun and challenge.

4. Two different game modes :
Normal- Time constraint without click constraint and less in number of objects to be searched.
Insane- Time and click constraints and more in number of objects to be searched.
5. Hints to help you throughout the game play is also.
Get Hidden House Objects free, and get rid of boredom and kill time with meaningful entertainment.
Hidden House Objects – an eye catching and brain twisting game!!! Download it.