Glucozor, the diabetic dinosaur

Can you take care of a dinosaur?
- feed him with balanced meals,
- entertain him with many activities that need to be unlocked (painting, playing ball, skateboarding, having a Jacuzzi, snorkelling ...),
- cuddle him, wash him ...

Customize your GlucoZor: choose his colour, his blood sugar thresholds and his weight.
Monitor his blood sugar levels and inject him the right doses of insulin.
Accelerate the evolution of his blood sugar levels with Booster time to play with GlucoZor.
Win the challenges and answer the quizzes to win gold coins!
Achieve the best score in GlucoCroc, the mini-game where speed is of the essence and become the first player in the world!

GlucoZor is looking forward to meeting you so you can help him manage his diabetes and have fun!
The Glucozor app is available for free!