Eating fruits is good for your health. As fruits fall from the sky you can try to catch as many as you can. But wait, you must prefer in-season fruits. These are better both for your health and the environment.When fruits are falling, slide your device to move the basket and catch them. Alternatively you can touch at the point, where you want the basket to move. An out of-season fruit is worth 1 point. In-season fruits are worth double. Try to catch falling stars for bonus points. Avoid bad apples, which will decrease your score.

The game consists of three levels. In every level you need to beat 4 challenges - one challenge for every season. At the beginning of the challenge you see the fruits you should prefer and the number of points you need to collect. If you manage to reach or exceed the goal, you advance to the next level. Otherwise you lose and the game is over. The difficulty increases with every new challenge and level. The first time you beat all challenges in Level 1 and 2, you unlock the next level. Next time you can start from that level and not from the beginning. When you beat all 4 challenges in level 3, you start playing it from the beginning. Try to collect as many points in total as possible and write your name in the high score table.

When you leave the application the game isn't ended but it is paused. You can come back at a later time to catch all the fruits you need.

Have fun.

NB. I've followed the code project articles and source code ( to develop this game.