Take a trip to the colorful waters of Fribbit™ - with 10,000 Fun, Unique Puzzles!

Eye-popping graphics, fun animations, and awesome sound fill the lively Fribbit™ pond as you use colorful frogs to capture all the bugs you can! With 10,000 unique puzzles, there’s hours of fun to be had on the Fribbit™ pond!

Fribbit™ offers endless hours of fun, solving each unique puzzle as efficiently as you can. Earn badges for speed, efficiency, and overall excellence as you uncover more and more of this lively world!

Created by the talented, passionate team at Crazy Tooth Studio® in Reno, NV, USA, Fribbit™ was created as a perfect puzzle experience. Casual gamers will enjoy the fast paced yet somehow calming experience, while more experienced gamers will be challenged by the sheer number of unique puzzles.

• 10,000 Unique Levels
• Badges For Speed, Efficiency, and Excellence
• 20 Game Center Achievements
• Dynamic Menus
• In-App Purchases