Get ready for a swim!

Help Freddy the turtle navigate underwater through fractions and submarines to find the hidden treasure off the coast of the island Decimalious. Can you make it through all 10 levels?

Compare fractions and collect correct answers, but watch out for submarines! The more answers you get correct the more coins you'll earn. Coins can be used to upgrade Freddy’s powers in 4 different ways -- protect him by adding shells, make him swim faster, keep his correct answer streak going to finish levels faster, and summon his explosive turtle call to scare off dangerous submarines.

PRO TIP: Help Freddy move by swiping across the screen in the direction you want him to go. The farther you swipe across the screen, the faster Freddy will swim.


10 exciting levels to beat
4 character upgrades
2 types of submarine foes
Adaptive problem set gets harder as the game progresses


First place winner of 2013 Mari Games Competition
2013 Bammy “EdTech” Award Candidate