This game is not like other football simulation game, it's so much special and unique!!

You will not play in a league division but you have to challenge team by team, once you win the match you can buy the players from the team you beaten.
Thus there's only one way to win, is to set your tactics wisely!! Otherwise no matter how strong your team is, you still can't beat them.

(NEW!!) "Yourself" as a manager also can be a player(Vialli??!), you can pick yourself to field, once you get the ball the match will stop, until you make the critical passing or shooting. You gonna love this feature!!

Game feature
~One of the legend player from your favorite club will help developing your youth team.
~80+ teams to beat, 1000+ players(includes legends players).
~15+ attributes includes speed/balance/stamina/skill/passing.
~Player attribute will grow and drop depends on age.
~Full game match engine, you need to concentrate on attack also be aware of defensing.
~No in-app purchase, this game is for fair-play and for fun only.

4 Tactics setting
~Set formations(442/433/451/352/343/532/541 etc.)
~Run toward/backward of each player.
~Team passing direction
~(New!) Man-marking system can freeze the opp.striker all the time.