Hello, when we are sick we can not go to work or school, we all know that when parents see that you are not feeling well they take you to the doctor to see what the problem is. Often the problems are minor, but it is best to treat any disease from the beginning. If you think you are a child who wants to become a doctor then this kids game will enjoy you a lot, you will be the doctor today who will care to our young friend. It is very cold and can not get out of bed. We hope to help her because she have to go to school and you are the only doctor who can take care of her. To solve the problem you need to follow all instructions.

1) First you will find Andrea in her room, you have to take her to the nearest hospital because it is impossible to go without help. Before go to the hospital you must help her take bedside book because she wants to read her favorite story. Then you have to give her a cup of warm milk, adjust the room temperature and finally have to check that this young girl has a fever;
2) You have managed to bring Andrea to the clinic now you have to apply the appropriate treatment. First you have to turn the light, check the heartbeat, blood pressure measuring, use a flashlight to check if she has sore throats, check if she has a fever, take a shot in the arm, please stop the bleading, apply a patch, you need to reduce her headache with a device;
3) You have to apply a treatment against colds. Use nasal spray, wipe her nose with a tissue, help her to rinse their mouth with a special solution, offer her a cup of hot tea, you have to give her a pill and water, now you have to check her weight;
4) Andrea is feeling better now but you need to continue the treatment, she must take a syrup for throat and clean her nose with a special pump.

Thank you for choosing this game and invite you to choose and other doctor games, girls games and games for girls.

You did a great job, this children game helped you to prove that you are a good doctor. Our friend is doing very well now.
Have fun!