Little Eddy, the alien, was able to take out her daddy's UFO in his absence and flew it out of their planet. But he didn't know it's easy to fly a UFO but hard to survive those obstacles out there in the space. Little Eddy is now worried and wants you to help him escape through the obstacles. Would you help him survive through his maiden flight and reach home safely?

Game Play:
Flappy Alien is an endless flight game made for KIDS of age 5 to 50 years. You need take control of Eddy's UFO and fly it in the space. You should avoid the obstacles by flapping through them. When you hit an obstacle, your UFO will be crashed.

Make high scores and challenge your friends to beat you by posting your scores on Facebook. They would think it's pretty easy to beat but they would be sweating when they actually accept your challenge ;)

* Free to play
* Appealing graphics
* Suitable for all age groups
* Very addictive and fun to play
* Lightweight game, can be downloaded on a slow connection or a limited data bundle
* No internet connection is needed to play