Cooking fast children
Learn cooking for children pizza, hamburger, crepe au chocolat
It is an easy game for children, have fun by baking the benier or crepes and all kinds of disert
Can choose fast cooking applications such as pizza or hamburger
Donce we kids love cooking with this games
Let's start making some delicious spicy pizza! In this cooking game you are welcome to try a different pizza recipe and reveal your cook skills. Pizza Kitchen Maker game is an easy way to have fun and spend time downloads, we now present you a special game:
★ Simple, fun and stimulating cooking game for all ages
★ Reveal your creative skills even if you are a boy or a girl, this game can also be played by the whole family
★ real recipe using ingredients like in real life
★ easy tap and slide game play
★ cool background music and HD graphics
S of the kitchen: