Faris waiting you to help him!!
Join Faris –Emirati Child – in his adventures to save his sister Reem. Reem has been kidnapped by an evil witch and took her away to Arabic language land. During his search, Faris must pass set of challenges in different environments (Sea, Desert, Forest and Mountain). In the same time, he must learns Arabic language basics by rescuing animals in each place he visits.
- Follow the map to reach the evil witch and Reem.
- Rescue the animals by collecting the letters of the animal’s name.
- Go to the next environment by unlocking all the cages in the previous one.
- Defeat the witch and save Reem!
Message to Parents:
This game:
- Is framework that combines fun and meaningful learning in a systematic way.
- Scientifically-based learning tool help the children to create associations between the objects and the concepts gradually.
- Targets children between 3-8 years old and any person who wants to learn Arabic language.
- Helps the child to learn Arabic language basics .
- Is safe and fun.
- Free and accessible application to all children worldwide.


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