This app was designed to simulate fake chatting with Diana and Nastya to make a prank to your friends and let them believes that you have contact with Diana and Nastya.
you can simulate unlimited calls with fake chat / video call Diana and Nastya, without any charge it's totally free.


- This fake chat game allows you to produce conversation simulations with Diana and Nastya.
- persuade your friends and family that you are making a call to Diana and Nastya, and the test is a video call with him. This is an awesome prank ..
- fake chat / videocall is a fun chat game for all fans of Diana and Nastya.
- download fake calling prank and create a happy atmosphere to have fun by making fake calls.

This prank application allows you to make a simulated chat and also allows you to send and receive fake videocalls & prank messages from Diana. So Surprise your friends and let them think like you're getting a real call with him.


Note that the application is only for fun, also to please all fans of Diana and Nastya.
This is unofficial application that nothing is real, it's only an imitation of calls and chat that allows you to simute calls and chat.