Hi, fairies are very nice and always we read good things about them in fairy tales. We all know that fairies are special beings with supernatural powers. They are tiny and are dressed in colorful dresses. They are always friendly with the positive character of the tale. Sure you love fairy and you'll be excited about this game for girls that we've prepared for you. Today you could be a famous doctor and you have to help a fairy to give birth. She lives in a magical land and you have to go there, you will enjoy the beauty of the place and you will love this game for girls with fairies.
To be able to do happy our beautiful fairy please pay attention to all instructions of the game.
Good luck!

- First you have to meet the fairy;
- You'll find the fairy in the kitchen, she wants to eat and she can not cook but you will definitely help her;
- Turn the stove, place a pan over low heat and then add oil;
- Next you need to add in the pan: onion, water, tomatoes, parsley, salt, pepper and broth. Mix well;
- Soup is ready, looks very good. You cooked well;
- Help the Fairy to eat;
- She feels bad and needs to go to hospital;
- Now you need to consult her;
- Check blood pressure;
- Check temperature;
- Check heartbeat;
- Give her a sedative in order to relax;
- Now need to take anesthesia;
- Make ultrasound to be if your child is well;
- Child was born;
- Now you have to consult the child;
- Check the child's weight and height;
- Give him a glass of milk;
- The child and his mother are very healthy and happy because you today have chosen to be there.

Thank you for helping, please come back daily to help us through this game for girls.

Have fun!