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Welcome to Evade, a new fast paced infinite runner!

Tilt your phone to dodge incoming rocks and 'evade' the evil red enemies that chase you round relentlessly! You can collect powerups throughout the game to help you on your increasingly difficult journey!

There are 4 power ups that you can collect by colliding with them:

Bomb (Red) – annihilates all enemies within the explosion radius; this is their most feared power up, use it wisely...

Shield (Purple) – activates your force shield system making you invincible for limited time; don’t rely on this as the number of enemies will just build up.

Slow-Mo (Blue) - give yourself a break and slow down time; very useful in tricky situations.

Infection (Green) – releases a toxic gas that zombifies your enemies, turning them against themselves; by far the best power up but rare to find...

The red enemies spawn randomly around the edge of your screen so don’t get too close: you never know what might be hiding behind the bezel of your phone! Be aware of other falling objects! They might be hard to avoid in the heat of the moment!

Just make sure you don't collide with any hostile objects! You will shatter into hundreds of pieces – every round you play shall be UNIQUE.

Thank you for playing my first indie game! It has taken over 6 months to get to the end product - but what a great adventure! This is a game concept I thought up in my French class a few years back and it's fantastic to finally see it come to life. This is my first shot at programming and I've certainly stumbled upon numerous setbacks and obstacles during development, but here it is. Hope you enjoy!

- Adriano