Help Ducky to catch the fish, while keep watching the air and power level. Running out of the air will accelerate the power level decrement. When the power level is zero, the game is over. Several floating woods and barrel, all with realistic floating movement, will become the obstacles for the duck to maneuver. The other challenge is the piranhas. Designed with simple AI (Artificial Intelligence), the Piranhas will swim after the duck whenever they meet the duck. The new updated version also include the underwater tunnels as one of the obstacles.

A simple game, combining realistic buoyancy simulation with intriguing graphic art. The simple game play will provide small excitement that perfectly suitable for in-between activities time waster.

This game built on Adobe Air Technology, Starling Framework and Nape Physics.., while the IOS version (, built on Corona SDK

Virtuaego is an indie developer in Jakarta, Indonesia. Ducky Dive is Virtuaego’s first game/ applications for iOS.

Keywords: Ducky Dive, Virtuaego, Diginine, Adobe Air, Starling, Nape