Being a nurse is a great responsibility and sometimes it can be challenging. With this doctor slacking game you have the chance to be a nurse and look after patients, but also have some fun on the side. Here you can do lots of fun things, but try not to get caught while you're not on your break. You can match the words, help bandage patients, apply makeup, rearrange the pills into their bottles, eat a pie, along with attend to patients, help the doctor, use the x-ray machine, and so much more! With so many different things you can get away with in the hospital, why not see if you can do it before you get caught with this free doctor game today!


Match the words on the cast until you get them right.

Help the patient bandage the sore arm with the proper bandages.

Fix your lips up and add more lipstick so they stand out.

Rearrange the spilt pills and place the colors into their color coded bottles.

And many more tricks !!