Introducing the most exciting way to explore your Emirate! DiscoverAE will take you through a journey of discovery and exploration in both new and familiar places.

DiscoverAE is a city-wide treasure hunt which allows users to explore their surroundings and earn points along the way!

How it works?
We have placed hidden bluetooth transmitters across the city which would inform you upon reaching a treasure (or venue). You’d have to figure out the hint first in order to reach your destination! Keep in mind, the more you explore, the more points you earn… meaning the more chances you have to rise up in the leaderboard!

We’ll be introducing hunts regularly… but keep an eye out for our pop-up challenges! Make sure to challenge your family and friends to explore the city in a fun, interactive and exciting way!

DiscoverAE is great for:
Residents: whether you want to find a new favorite hangout place, or have friends visiting from abroad, you’d be pleasantly surprised with how much you can discover in your surroundings
Gatherings: planning a birthday party? Looking for something fun to do? DiscoverAE ensures you’d put your city-knowledge to the test along with your loved ones as you solve the hunts!
Corporate Outings / Team Building: bring the team closer together through fun and interactive hunt solving. First team to compete the hunt, is declared winner!!

The app is free to download - signup today and get your welcoming free points to kickstart your journey!