The game has 12 chapters in total and the goal is to spot the 5 differences between the 2 pictures. Every time you play a chapter, the differences change, so you can play the same chapter again and again. After each chapter you have passed, another chapter is unlocked.- The score you have obtained is recorded at the end of the chapters. So, you can compete against yourself to get the highest score.
- Try your best not to make a wrong click. In this way, you can get better scores.
- The hint button is activated within 20 seconds. You can then get help if you get stuck.
- You can make your game even more exciting by restricting the time period to 15, 30, and 45 seconds. So, you will get an increased bonus at the end of the game. We strongly recommend you choose the 15-second option.
- The wrong-click option also enables 1-5 wrong clicks. A more exciting and entertaining game will be awaiting you.