Are you ready to play with Diana and roman songs?

Play a tiles hop game with your favorite songs.

Combine funny kids songs with tiles hop game

Are you ready for a music game in the fun world of dianan?

If you like dancing with Diana Show games, you will love this game, it is very fun and time killer,

Skip it and choose your favorite piano or EDM tracks and enjoy the beautiful experience. We prepared the best music list

*** HOW TO PLAY ***

1. To control the ball jumping over the tiles, grab and drag the website to 2 sides.
2. Don't "fall" off the track!
3. Enjoy singing cofiin dance music and challenges specially for each song.

song collection:

🎧 Diana - LIGHTER
🎧 Diana - LIKE IT
🎧 Diana - Play It Be It
🎧 Diana and Roma - CANDY TOWN
🎧 Diana and Roma - Play It Be It Halloween
🎧 Like Nastya - This is Me
🎧 Nastya - Nastya will congratulate you
🎧 Vlad and Nikita-Are We There
🎧 Vlad and Nikita-Yes Yes