Today it's your birthday and you want to celebrate it in a special way this year, so how about a wonderful garden party? But you will have to prepare everything and decorate the place. Sounds like fun, or what? You need a big table to hold all the goodies and then start placing it on it whatever you desire. It's your best friend's birthday tomorrow and as a gift you decided to organize her birthday party. It's a fun job but also a hard one, as you must take care of a lot of things.
You can choose muffins, donuts, cupcakes, pancakes, fruits, coffee or cocktails. Just make sure you leave enough room in the middle for the birthday cake. It can be colorful, elegant, with polka dots, feathers or an aquatic theme. Add some garden chairs next to the table where your guests can rest, hang banners or balloons above for a festive atmosphere and finally add fun activity spots like a sand box and a pool where you can all hang out. Enjoy playing this decorations games garden birthdayparty. Once you've gathered up everything you need and sent the invitations, all you have to do is decorating the party venue.