Want to have a brand new look this season? Well now you can with this Decorate My Jeans game! Now you can easily transform your jeans and make a brand new style by changing the waist band, pockets, knee patches, hems, seam decorations, belt, and jean decorations. You can also change the pattern and colours to easily match them in with your unique style and taste. So if you want to be a part of the fashion industry and show off your stylist skills, why not decorate your jeans with this Decorate My Jeans game.

- CREATE a fashionable look by changing the jeans’ pockets and hems

- DECORATE your jeans using many different decorations

- CHANGE the colour to make them match in with your top

- CHOOSE a pattern that will make your jeans stand out from the rest

- ADD some stylish knee patches and accessories that add extra style to your jeans