Hi, after a busy day we all want to relax. Girls are very much in need of pampering after a busy day. A place where we can relax is definitely the spa salon, there we can get all the attention we need and also we can be very beautiful. Surely you are a very beautiful girl and you're always attentive to details that help you look good. Today through this game for girls you can have fun at the same time to make new friends. Through this beauty game for girls you will meet our beautiful friend, she has problems and she now wants to relax with your help. Would you like to help her today? If you want to help us we will be very happy.
For everything to be perfect and our friend to be happy, please be very careful to detail.
Please follow all instructions that we have prepared for you.
Good luck!

- At the beginning of the game you will meet our beautiful friend;
- She has skin problems and you will have to do a facial treatment;
- You will need to apply some face masks;
- Apply an exfoliating gel to cleanse her skin of impurities;
- Apply a mask that will treat wounds;
- Apply a mask of fruits that will regenerate skin;
- Apply a moisturizer that helps skin look very good;
- Eliminates dark circles with a special gel;
- Eliminate acne;
- Remove stains from front;
- Clip the eyebrows;
- Now you have to make up her;
- Apply: lipstick, mascara, contact lenses, cheek powder, eye shadow, eyebrow pencil and finally choose a beautiful hairstyle;
- At the end you have to choose a beautiful dress and most interesting accessories;
- Young is beautiful, you're a good friend.

Thank you for help, please come back daily to help us through this game for kids.

Have fun!