The Nashua Crossing The Line game takes its cue from one of the commercials in Nashua’s office games advert campaign.

Imagine an office where you are encouraged to throw things at passing colleagues. Things that include staplers, punches, elastic bands, a rubber chicken – crazy fun stuff all with different point values.

The office game revolves around an invisible line running down the middle of the office. Everyone has to step over the invisible line. Whenever someone doesn't step over it, they get whatever their colleagues can get their hands on thrown at them.

This is the deal: you’re sitting at your desk, armed with stationary and whatnot. Your colleagues start walking by. You watch to see if they step over the line. If they don't, pick up an object, aim and throw. If you miss you lose whatever your threw, if you hit your colleague you score.

This game is exciting, strangely satisfying and a safe way to rid yourself of any colleague-induced office angst. Once you start chucking, you won’t be able to stop, and there are enough levels to keep you going for as long as you want to. Don't say we didn't warn you.