It is going to be Thanksgiving Day. Our cute girl is very happy and wants to cook one delicious turkey for her parents. She goes to the supermarket and buys lots of cooking materials. Come to this brand new cooking game to help her and being her assistant to cook. Follow our instructions to cut onions, potatoes and carrots. Then use these vegetables and meat to cook soup. Next you need to take out the turkey and cut one hole to put the soup in its body. Come to put the turkey in the oven for several minutes. At last you will have one yummy turkey. Put it on the table with other food and don’t forget to choose one cup of juice for the girl. Try your best to decorate the table food as beautiful as you can. Have a nice Thanksgiving Day.
1. Cook the turkey soup
2. Put the turkey in the oven
3. Decorate the table food
How to play:
1. Cut the cooking materials into small pieces
2. Cook the vegetables pieces and meat in the pot to make soup
3. Get rid of the chicken feather on the turkey
4. Cut one small hole on turkey’s body
5. Put the soup in the turkey
6. Heat the turkey in the oven for several minutes
7. Decorate the table with other thanksgiving day food and juice