Cooking games shish girls gamesCooking games shish girls games Choose a shish serving modeRice Cake Cooking: You want to make your lover surprised with rice cakes. First, you must find all the necessary ingredients then follow the instructions of our beautiful chef. This cooking game is suitable for boys and girls, to make these cookies in real life, you have to help mom or friends, to use the proper cooking tools. The game simply lists the steps: Prepare the cookie dough with Of the ingredients of the recipe from cooking games Mix all the ingredients together, create the finished dish with baking paper and oil.Take a special shovel mixed the dough in the form of cookies, then Game is fascinating game Alabhe now exclusive chicks Ptqattiya national stuffed chicken cooking games first before putting them on the grill for that distortion into small pieces or if Ahbpti fully placed inside the grid so that m Divorce and national freedom by placing them inside the national grid and fire Chala chop the chicken into four pieces and black pepper Tpeleta and salt and then put the pieces in a greased with oil and add rings Tray of potato tray, yoghurt, lemon national box of Chinese cover then put them in the oven for a quarter of an hour of open tin.As for how to play and they are easy all you need is to follow the instructions that will find him at the beginning of the game of cooking games and girls games and dress up now, all you need is the start Of the game on the beautiful our game you will love and do not forget to share with friends this game as a game of Girls Games Chocolate Cake