Now you can become one of the greatest chef’s around with this Pasta Pronto cooking game! With your best cooking skills you can easily make a pasta dish that will tantalize the taste buds each and every time. You can start your cooking journey by easily boiling your pasta then preparing all the ingredients including tomato, chicken, capsicum, and onions. Next you will be able to pour your sauce into your sauce pan slowly cooking all the ingredients until they are soft and mouth-watering. The best part of all is that you can easily serve your sauce on top of your pasta ready for eating at any time of the day or night. So if you love cooking, then you will just love this Pasta Pronto cooking game today!

Features you may enjoy :

- COOK the pasta in a pot of boiling hot water

- CHOP and prepare the tomato, capsicum, chicken and onion ready for cooking

- POUR the sauce into the frying pan ready for your prepared ingredients

- COOK all the ingredients in the sauce until they are ready to eat

- SERVE your sauce on top of the pasta and add your finish touches with basil leaves

- ENJOY eating and making more Pasta with all your friends and family