A little girl is waiting for you in this game because her best friend's birthday is coming up and she needs you help to prepare a little surprise for her, she is sure you can help her in this cooking game because she doesn't really know how to cook alone and she is just a little girl so she shouldn't be coking alone in the kitchen so she needs your help in this cute game and she knows you can help her. When it comes to cooking yummy donuts, you know it has to be done right the first time! With this donuts cooking game you can easily become the best chef and make the tastiest donuts available for all to eat. Here you will be able to mix your eggs, milk, sugar, salt, and softened butter into the bowl before adding your flour and vanilla extract mix to make your full donut mixture. Next you get to let your mixture sit and set before getting to roll it out on the cutting board. You can then cut your donut shapes out and cook them in the hot oil until they are golden brown. Lastly you get to easily decorate your new and yummy treats with all sorts of icing, candies and colors which will make your donuts stand out. So if you love these round treats and want to try your hand at it, why not take a look at this free cooking game today!
So, as we said, this is a cooking game in which your mission is to make an ice cream donuts cake, the recipe is not very difficult, you are in the little girl's kitchen and she has all the tools and all the ingredients she needs for this, you simply have to pay attention to this cooking game's instructions and then in the decoration part of the game, simply decorate the ice cream donuts cooking game cake. Cook like a grand donut with this cooking game. Here you can collect all your ingredients, mix them together to create a yummy mixture and cook your donuts to perfection. Decorate your yummy donuts in tasty icing before giving them the final finishing touches. Eat your donuts up ready for your next cooking session with this great donut ice cream cooking game.

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