Hey kids! What’s tastier than fluffy, sugary, so-much-fun-to-eat cotton candy? Ever wanted to make your own homemade fairy floss? Of course you have, it would be great to have cotton candy around the house! Cotton candy of many different colors…all the colors of the rainbow in fact! Fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert cotton candy maker to create amazing cotton candy…with Cotton Candy Maker, you can envision and make real the sweet cotton candy you’ve always wanted!

First of all, design your shop for yourself by various stickers and colors. Then grab your sugar and choose your favorite flavors to create an awesome dessert. The machine is ready and pick your flavor, spin those ingredients to fluff it up. You have several colorful and cool options for cotton candy sticks. All girls, boys and teens are love and adore this game. Now you can decorate your candy

with the variety of stickers and yummy toppings. There is available tap to eat option at last with lots of fun and sweet treat that looks good and tastes good, also. And also you can share your final product via social media to your friends and all.
Now you can be expert at making cotton sweets and even you can make rainbow cotton candy style.

So let's start making your own shop. It is more wonderful to have a candy shop and sweet candy around festival or carnival.

- Simple yummy cooking game
- Decorate it!
- Tons of ways to customize your candy
- Super fun food-making gam
- Variety of magic sticks in our dessert game
- Shape such as regular round, star, and heart!
- beautiful graphics
- super sound effect
- Choose your own form of cotton candy
- Put sweet sugar and flavor in the machines
- Press to open the machine and slide the stick to make your cotton candy
- Adorable decorations to top it off!
- Tons of ways to mix and match!
- Hours of cooking fu

In Cotton Candy Maker, grab your sugar and bring your favorite flavors to create an awesome dessert. The machine is ready and warming up; all it needs is you! This sweet treat is so easy to make that you’ll be a professional in no time. Add your sugar, pick your flavor, and spin those ingredients to fluff it up! You can even decorate your cotton candy creation to make a sweet, sweet treat that looks good and tastes good, too. Don’t forget to take a bite when you’re done! It’s melt-in-your-mouth good!