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This is not only a chocolate cake maker game but a great wedding cake shop too. Make the day of bride and groom with delicious dessert and yummy wedding cake. Be a chef master of wedding cake maker kitchen and make awesome vanilla and chocolate cakes. Come on our little wedding party cake maker chef, it’s time to satisfy your cooking mania in the great chocolate cake making factory and bakery shop.

1) Add the flour, brown sugar, chocolate flakes, cream, oil, hot water and mix them very well.
2) After you have prepared the composition, place it in a baking pan and put it a oven.
3) After baking you have to put chocolate pudding, nuts, cherries and whipped cream.
Thanks for the help! Enjoy!
You need choose again for the second floor cream, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, cherry, kiwi and banana. After this you have to put this cream and after that you have to finished the second floor. Follow the third floor which is all the same as the other 2. The cake is ready and we hopes to go to our friend. Thank you for your help.
enjoy with cooking choclate bread cake game.