o you like eating cookies, and what flavor is your favorite? Um, green tea, chocolate, or vanilla? How about making one all by yourself? Just come to Cookie Maker

Tasty biscuits always make us feel good, do you feel the same way? Have you ever thought of making some for your parents? Trust us, they'll feel very moved and proud of you! But before hands-on action, join this game and practice your skills. In this paradise, there are 8 flavors, 15 moulds and massive decorations. Among pretty plates, delicious cream in different shapes, and a variety of yummy candies, you can always pick your favorite ones. Making biscuits is not an easy job, and all the work would make you a busy bee! We'll see you in the game,

How to play Cookies:
Open the game and click PLAY to start. Wow~ Great, there are so many flavors. You can slide the screen to choose one of them, then put all ingredients into the bowl, and stir them evenly with a mixing tool. Bravo~ The dough is ready, please stretch it with the rolling pin above. You are really talented, let's drag the moulds onto the dough. Too many moulds dazzle your eyes? Come on, a total of four lovely moulds can be used each time, just suit yourself. Well, the shapes are really perfect, now put them in the oven and turn it on. Whoops, look out for the baking time, or the cookies will be burned. Alright, toothsome delicacies have been done. Go pick one to decorate with your wonderful imagination. Honey, you really did a good job, how about rewarding yourself with the tasty food. Let's see if you can finish it within ten seconds! Yummy! Yummy! Besides, you can also return to decorate others by taping the Left Arrow if you want to. Wait, almost forgot, why not take a photo of your work, then submit it for the weekly contest? Who will be our lucky ones
Enjoy your playing with us

Features Cookies game:
cheese Cake
Cake Pops
Cup Cake


Strawberry Cake

Orange Cake

Mango Cake

Matcha Cake

Dark Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Chips Cake
Strawberry Chocolate Cake