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Occasionally, you may be stuck with certain problems and may need help from ApksFinder customer support team. Despite being the new kid on the block, we have made every effort to assist users in an efficient manner. Users can totally reach our team to ask for help via many traditional ways, including support form, email, and telephone number as well as via various popular social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and so on.

The fastest way that users can make use of when asking for help is to click on the “Contact Us” tab at the footer of the website. You will be redirected to our support page where you will need to fill in a piece of information, type your inquiries and click to send them to our site.

Our support team is always ready to help you resolve the problem with enthusiasm. You will receive your needed information as soon as possible, usually in 24 hours after the form is sent.

Bearing in mind the vision “Customers are the best”, we are committed to providing players with ever-lasting pleasure and experiences when using our products.