One man army one warrior as a frontline commando war at mountains with battlefield assassin sniper shoot:
Extreme challenging really bloodshed commando 3D action game. Assassin sniper attack with fist of fury, huge destruction of army including gunship helicopter gunner and enemy military troops.

Assassin’s commando warrior story: Navy commando warrior completed great modern combat missions as ultimate frontline commando military soldier. Army man never fear with deadly assault on navy warship aircraft carrier, gunship helicopter and modern combat tank mission on high mountains sniper shooting area and in desert shooing field even most dangerous refugee city SWAT rescue missions. This time commando assigned hard target at high above the mountains. Navy man picks his long range sniper gun for long range snipe target, short range guns and pistol. Droid Gamers

At mountain war zone there were suspicious activities by enemy military, it's action time to ambush with deadly warrior. Navy soldier ready to fight as frontline commando and make a quick death strategy to bloodshed combat action. Enemies have menace battle strategy with modern combat explosive material so it's mission impossible. Don't mercy and show fury to put everything into destruction. Kill enemy, destroy tanks, explode gunship helicopter and ammunition storage. Android Robots

Battlefield frontline commando adventure shooter free 3D game-play. The walking dead trigger warriors delta force with shooter war fighter, droid battle warriors is jigsaw game around the world. Droid Police

Deadly Weapons
Commando is a complete war machine but still modern combat battle weapons great to kill enemy territory.
Sniper gun with amazing killer zoom to get target shoot down.
Short gun for death shooting while deadly ambush - Shadow Warrior Ninja

3D Game Features
√ 3D armed global conflict with excitement sound play – Destructoid
√ Thrilling surprise attack like World War 2 - Assassin’s creed
√ Full Action Game with FPS (First Person Shooting) game - WW2
√ Download for free just little ads placed to improve and maintain quality of awesome game - IGI 2
√ Automatic re-loaded gun with excellent mage sounds - Walking Killer
√ Fabulous first person shooter 3d game - counter strike
√ Addictive gameplay mission - World War II
√ Perfect first person shooter game (FPS) in 3d action games. 9APPS
√ Next war mission: rescue Syrian refugee children in war zone - frontline Battlefield

How to play
√ Aim to the target enemy’s headshots accurately cause enemy put int death quickly.
√ Tap fire button to get the foe down.
√ Sniper zoom in/out to get the target close.
√ Sniper rifle bullet have batter accuracy over a long distance.
√ Shoot to target quickly either you could be hurt by opponent bullets.
√ Digital Radar to find real time rival sniper shooter positions.
√ Health bar at top left will show your life line.

Play Army War Game; download now for free at Google Play Store. Get free app become super frontline sniper rifle shooting hero and complete your armed conflict mission by eliminate your enemies.