Are you out of ideas on how to spend your weekends ? Are you tired of the same old game on the market ?
Well here is an idea, why not play this amazing fun game for free. But we must warn you this is a highly addictive.
This is not your ordinary puzzle game, it's more than that. This android game offers a new way to play an online competitive free game. Daily we encounter icons such as : Facebook, YouTube, Apple, Ubuntu, Linux & Windows well we combined the practicability of the icons with the fun factor, and that's how we came up with this game knows as the "Doodle Game: Icons". A simple yet fun new way to start up your daily activities.
The mechanics of this puzzle are simple, the well know columns with a new interface and simple features.
The goal of the game is to match three, four of even five, if you can manage, of the same icons in an vertical or diagonal row. Here comes the hard part, you have to manage a good score in order to surpass the other players, did we forgot to mention that you can compete with others from all over the world with a simple push of a button ?
Well yes you can, just simply log in into the Google Leaderboars system by pressing the button on your left side of the screen. Prove to all that you're a game player and manage to stay in top of the Leaderboars for a long time.
Play one of the best free game on the market and have some fun.

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